Things To Do In Washington DC

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Washington DC is steeped in history and heritage. These are part of what makes a trip there so interesting and worthwhile. For those looking to know more about the history of the country and the heritage of the American people, look no further than Washington DC.

A Walking Tour

A walking tour is ideal for the capital city because there are a lot to see and a lot of things to do in Washington DC. Even amazon seo tours are available.  Visitors can check out maps and make their own itineraries according to what interests them. A personal walking tour is set according to the pace of the tourist and his or her interests. There are also some guided tours that come in less than $15 per person for a detailed tour and a running commentary of the various historical monuments, museums and sights that can be found within just a few hundred meters of each other. This is a great way to explore the city as well as learn about the history and heritage of the United States of America. The Smithsonian, the National Mall, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial are somewhat close to each other so visitors can spend the day walking from one place to another.

Beer Tours and Exploration

Aside from national history and heritage for amazon ppc, visitors can also try out the beer and craft breweries located in a district very close to the main streets of the city. Guided tours will get a visitor into craft breweries for personal taste testing and other things but tourists who appreciate beer can also experience the drink at the numerous bars and pubs that line the district. Guided tours will guarantee that they will bring their clients to the breweries and pubs and back to the hotel safe and sound, even if a little tipsy from all that beer drinking from the different breweries.

Healthy Food Spots

There are plenty of healthy food spots in Washington DC.  Some of the best spots I personally love have assortments of healthy recipes including spaghetti squash recipes.  The Juice Joint Cafe is an example of a place in DC that serves really good

Gardens and Parks

One of the prettiest attractions in Washington DC is the United States Botanic Garden. It is not just full of plants from different parts of the world but it also plants from the gardens of several first ladies. Visitors can take their time there to enjoy the sights and sounds while taking a short stroll or a rest in one of the numerous benches and seats in the garden. There are other parks and gardens one might enjoy visiting, each having its own particular theme or country connected to it.


For those who love to shop, there are several malls and shopping districts near the center of the city. Brand name stores litter the malls here but there are also some notable flea markets and vintage stores in the area that sell interesting things. There are also a lot of book stores in the city where one might find a first edition.

These are just a few of the many different things to do in Washington DC. It is best to research the city thoroughly, or even just a bit, to know where to go and what to do.

Cool Spots In Washington DC

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I had the chance to visit some pretty cool spots about washington dc.  It’s an amazing place in light of the history, our nation’s capital, bars, restaurants, and the number of businesses which is truly astonishing.  On top of that, you have many ancillary areas including Arlington VA which boasts of even more pretty cool places to visit.  I wanted to share my top 5 spots to visit in DC.

1.  Visiting The Smithsonian – this is an absolute must.  When I come do DC I try to make it here to remind me of our nation’s history and all that we have been through.  The Smithsonian is huge and has a lot of types of museums including ones on astrology and such.

2.  Ted’s Bulletin – if you love brunch and breakfast you will love this place.  Their brunch menu is pretty amazing, but their dinner and lunch menus are pretty awesome too.  Close to the nation’s 3 government houses, Ted’s has a cool little cafe in one room and a larger room with booth’s only.  It boasts of a quaint feel with subways tiles and it plays old school movies on it’s projector.

3. The Dashery – This Washington DC Barber Shop is a fun place to visit.  It’s not always fun to wait to get a hair cut, but there’s a lot of cool things to do here including playing chess, they serve drinks (non alcoholic) for free, plenty of TV’s, and the places looking amazing inside.  Definitely a must see place to visit.  And of course, you’ll get an amazing haircut when you’re finished.

4. Black & Orange – This DC Burger Joint is truly one of a kind.  This place is located on Dupont Circle and they changed their name recently.  However, their burgers are gourmet and truly to die for.  If you’re looking for an awesome burger spot in DC, you gotta visit this place.

5.  East Potomac Golf – If you’re going to play golf, this is the place to do it at.  The greens are very nice, it’s a long course, and many people play this course.  I played it a few times and I always have a great time on it.